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Capture great moments in a new way

Unlock unique experiences with WePlay Collectibles!
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What are WePlay Collectibles?

WePlay Collectibles is an NFT project that aims to create a community and unite real esports fans and talents, as well as artists and digital art connoisseurs.

First, we launched WePlay Collectibles for people who want to become part of an esports event and show their appreciation to players or talents in a new way, going beyond good old merch. Now, WePlay Collectibles has become a platform on which you can buy NFT items — digital and physical esports memorabilia and rewards associated with a specific tournament, but also unique items and works of contemporary art.

Find more information about the platform and NFTs in the white paper.

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What are NFTs?

An NFT (a non-fungible token) is a digital record that can represent any physical or intangible item: an artwork, a video clip, an in-game skin or currency, a music file, a real estate property (tokenized), or a collectible card — like in our case. A non-fungible token only exists in one copy and can’t be replaced with a token of the same value, hence the name. Those who trade it for another token will... get a different token.

NFTs and blockchain

WePlay Collectibles is powered by Ethereum, a software platform that uses blockchain technology. Blockchain is a type of a distributed ledger — a system that allows participants to exchange products, services, or assets while safely managing transaction records. They are encrypted, organized in a series of blocks, available for all platform participants (their computers to be precise), but impossible to alter. So, you can be sure that non-fungible token transactions are protected from fraudsters.

Smart contracts regulate transactions on a blockchain network.

What’s inside?

If you ever wondered about defining slang, it’s a vocabulary used between people who belong to the same social group and know each other well. It’s good that esports allows you to be on the same wavelength and belong to this group without knowing each other personally. Slang unites us!

Our NFT collection “Shooter: from A to Z” consists of famous words and phrases associated with popular first-person shooter games — the things that are near and dear to shooter fans, minted to become one-of-a-kind NFT items.

This particular collection is hosted on the Polygon blockchain. We chose it to minimize the environmental impact of our NFTs and avoid additional transaction costs for collectors. To purchase tokens on Polygon through OpenSea, you will need to bridge your Ethereum (ETH) into Polygon (PoS). Read more here.

We hope this NFT collection will help you set the game on fire.

So, word up!

Why buy NFT?

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Preserve memories in a new way

Become an owner of limited-edition esports memorabilia

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Find new opportunities

With time, the demand for the tokens may rise

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Support a tournament operator

Your extra vote “for” the event organizer in addition to views, likes, and comments

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Get unique service or experience

Try the benefits rare items provide

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Get a unique piece of present-day digital art

How to buy NFT?

Purchasing unique digital art from WePlay Collectibles is easy, and you can do it through the OpenSea marketplace. Open your account and start buying or selling NFTs on OpenSea by following these two simple steps.

First, get some ETH so you can “mint” or purchase NFTs, and also for gas fees to complete transactions.

Second, open a crypto wallet such as MetaMask to store your ETH and process transactions on the blockchain. Also, the OpenSea marketplace offers several crypto wallets for you to choose — you are welcome to find a suitable option. When you have a wallet installed, connect its address to OpenSea, edit your profile, and start collecting.

To buy NFTs, you will need to have ETH in your wallet. You can get ETH from a digital currency exchange like Coinbase. After that, you can bid for any non-fungible token available on the OpenSea marketplace. Find the NFT you want, place your bid, win the auction, and the token will be transferred to your digital wallet!

Through the OpenSea marketplace, you will be able to buy and sell NFTs created by WePlay Holding, and show off your crypto collectibles to everyone.

Now you can be the proud owner of unique digital items and keep, exchange, or sell them at your discretion.

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How does your platform work?

We’ve prepared an explainer video and a white paper to tell you about our platform and NFTs in detail. We hope it will help you understand all the specifics.


Why NFTs?

Consider purchasing non-fungible tokens from WePlay Holding a win-win for you and the tournament organizer. Not only do you donate to those contributing to the industry and community but also get unique goodies that no one else has. You can keep them for the memories or form a rare and unique collection dating from the very start of esports tournament NFTs.

More food for thought: in 2021, authors, artists, and enthusiasts all over the world made NFT adoption worldwide real by minting unique NFTs which represent masterpieces of art, paintings, music albums, media articles, videos, and even tweets!


I create digital art, can we collaborate?

We plan to partner with artists who create game characters and lettering art. Please send us your portfolio at contact@weplaycollectibles.com. Maybe we’ll transform your creations into NFTs!


How to buy NFT tokens?

What you will need: a digital wallet for your OpenSea account and cryptocurrency. After registration on OpenSea, you will need to top up your digital wallet with Ethereum (ETH), currency created in blockchain technology that can be either purchased or transferred from other digital wallets.

With all that at hand, simply access the OpenSea marketplace, choose your favorite NFT artwork from WePlay Collectibles, and start collecting digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens. Place a bid on your favorite digital cards, win the auction, and it’s done — the NFT will be added to your crypto wallet.